New Year, New Mindset, New Results

Four things you can quickly and easily do that will increase entries short term and make a big difference to your sales long term.

Last year was tough, confidence was low and entries for many events were down and frustratingly last minute too. 

But for 2023, here are four things you can quickly and easily do that will increase entries short term and make a big difference to your sales long term. 

1. Use FREE email Marketing To Deliver Personalised Selling Messages To Your Past Participants

eventrac's FREE email is an outstanding value-for-money way to communicate directly with all of your past participants.  Our inbuilt email service lets you create professional email marketing messages that sell your events and merchandise.

Bonus - There's no need to spend time creating and exporting your latest list to an expensive third-party email service like MailChimp.

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2. Use Low-Cost Referral Marketing To Boost Entries

It’s natural for past participants to share their enthusiasm for an event that they feel their friends and family will like.  

Tap into their enthusiasm and motivate them with a reward to refer you. Use eventrac's inbuilt referral marketing tools to automatically offer your referrer and the person they referred a £'s reward, a discount, or a special deal when they sign up with you.

Bonus - Don’t forget that a successful referral program generates a natural network effect. As you acquire more referred customers, a high proportion of them will convert into new referrers. Those referrers will then draw in new customers, and the cycle will start all over again.

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3. Boost Your Entries By Selling Social Group or Team Tickets So Friends Can Participate Together

From January to July last year 30% of entrants in the US joined friends in a team or group when that option was available to them.  The average size of each social team grew to 6.8 participants.

Now is a good time to set up your social team tickets for this year's events and plan your marketing to social groups, corporates, or club teams.

Bonus - eventrac automatically takes your current and past event’s raw numbers and turns them into easily understandable charts or heat maps so you can instantly see what’s going on and where you need to focus your marketing efforts.

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4. Use Reviews To Increase Consumer Confidence And Drive Conversions

With so many competing events out there it’s clear to see why positive race reviews will help you persuade new participants to sign up.

Making it easy, eventrac can automatically send a post-race review and feedback request email to every participant.

Bonus - Organisers with a RaceCheck account can review and manage their RaceCheck reviews within their eventrac dashboard.

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