Race Directors - Are you spending too much time answering emails and calls?

Allow your participants to self manage their entries and setup a secure user profile under your own brand to reduce admin and gain better insights into your participants.

You should know that your job will become a lot easier when you allow your participants to self-manage their bookings by creating a secure “user profile” with your own brand.

You’ll enjoy a hugely reduced workload and you’ll learn more about your participants to be able to target your marketing to increase entries, generate extra sales and grow a loyal following.

Here Are 6 Race Director Benefits

A customer with a “user profile” is unlikely to contact you for help because:

  1. All of the event information they need is stored within their online profile
  2. All of the personal information you need is stored within their online profile.
  3. If their circumstances change they can edit their own entry 
  4. They can cancel their own entry
  5. They can transfer or defer their own entry to another event (and you can charge an admin fee for that)
  6. They can send their entry to a friend

Easy to Use Quicker Entry Encourages Return

Enabling your own brand “user profiles” makes the entry process as convenient as possible. Returning account holders enjoy a seamless, convenient online experience that will encourage them to come back for more.

Rewarding Loyalty is Easier

Your brand “user profiles” make it easier for you to implement an Eventrac loyalty program to encourage future entries and purchases as well as other helpful features such as a wishlist or just wanting to know when an event is open for entries.

Get More Insights

A “user profile” contains freely volunteered details that account holders provide at their own convenience, such as preferred events, type of merchandise and frequency of purchasing that allow you to send more targeted and personalised messages using their preferred method of communication.