Sell Your Own Brand Digital Gift Cards To Boost Race Entries And Bring In New Customers All Year Round

Race Directors - You’ve 20 Days Left To Boost Your Entries With Valentine’s Day Gift Cards


New and Returning Customers

Offering gift cards for your events is a great way to win new customers as they work similarly to a refer-a-friend scheme. Your existing customers can introduce their friends and family to your races, by gifting them with a digital gift card on their birthday or any special occasion including: 

  • Valentine's Day - 14 February

  • Mothers’ Day - 27 March 

  • Easter Sunday - 17 April

  • Fathers’ Day - 19 June

  • Birthdays, anniversaries etc

Enjoy Increased Spending

As well as bringing you more customers, people who buy digital gift cards are much more likely to spend more money than they would on an actual gift as they’ll tend to round up their spending.

A recent survey carried out by Fiserv found that

  • People say they will spend 55% of their gifts budget on gift cards

  • That 33% of people have admitted to spending more on gift cards than they would an actual gift [3]. 

Gain More Customer Insights

An additional benefit for your race business is that you will require customers and racers to fill out their contact information to set up the card and or enter a race when they redeem a digital gift card. This is a great way to collect valuable data to begin shaping your service and sharing any promotions through your marketing channels. 

It’s Easy Start Selling Digital Gift Cards In A Few Clicks

It’s easy with Eventrac in a few clicks you can start selling and promoting digital gift cards for your races, 

  • In your Eventrac dashboard create your own brand digital gift cards and specify which races they can be redeemed against.

  • Add the digital gift cards to your online shop and enable people to purchase them

  • Send a mail to your customers introducing your digital gift cards.  Use Eventrac's inbuilt email marketing tools with drag n drop customisable templates to create your perfect gift card selling message

  • Digital gift card recipient’s are automatically notified about their digital gift card.

  • They can then use the gift card to redeem the amount when they enter and keep any remaining balance for future events

Boost Your Sales With Digital Gift Cards

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