Increase Your Entries And Boost Your Business With Email Marketing

It’s likely that you’re already using email to automatically send basic event information to your racers but there’s so much more email can do for your business when you combine it with a personalised and relevant marketing message, that’s email marketing

Why Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to affordably build relationships with new participants and past customers. It's a way to communicate directly with them, and it’s convenient too because your marketing message is in their inbox and they can read it when it suits them.

Research shows that email is the marketing channel most consumers say they want businesses to use to communicate with them.

That’s hardly surprising because email allows you to keep in touch with each customer on a personal basis unlike social media where you send status updates to every follower regardless of their interests and purchase history and many updates will not reach the target. 

According to a study by McKinsey & Company email marketing is up to 40 times more effective than social media

That’s probably because customers love it when a business treats them as an individual, not just like everyone else and personalisation and relevance can be as simple and effective as:

“Hi Jake, thanks for racing the Brighton 10k with us, here’s your results.”

“Hi Emma, thank you for choosing us, have you seen our super hoodies?”

“Hi Laura, congrats, that’s your tenth race with us, we’ve a special offer for you.”

“Hi Nick, Happy Birthday, here’s 10% off your next race, have a great day.” 


Email Marketing Is Easy And Affordable With Eventrac 

With Eventrac’s integrated email marketing tools, you have everything you need to design and send personalised and relevant email marketing messages and because it’s powered by Eventrac your customer data and contact lists are always accurate and up to date.


Easily Create Great Looking Email Messages

You can create professional email marketing messages that display perfectly on any device. Get started with one of our goal-based or celebratory occasion email templates. Then use our easy drag-and-drop editor to customise the layout, your calls-to-action and branding.

Personalise Emails For More Opens And Click-Throughs

You can use information in your Eventrac customer’s contact record to personalise your marketing message and create the most relevant subject lines, content, links, attachments, and calls to action. Then schedule your sending so your email will show up in inboxes at the best time.


Eventrac Email Marketing Time Saving and Hassle Free.

With Eventrac’s integrated email marketing there’s no need to use expensive third party email services and incur the extra cost and hassle creating, downloading and uploading contact lists to a third party service prior to each sending.


Eventrac integrated email marketing is built into your Eventrac software, so your marketing and transactional emails will always feature up to date customer data and your contact lists are always accurate because they automatically synchronise as participants sign up or withdraw from your events and subscribe or unsubscribe from your mailing lists 


Boost Your Business With Email Marketing

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