Using Strava Clubs To Build Your Community - For Free

An industry report by Multisport Research concluded that Strava clubs are under-used by the sports industry.

Are race organisers under-using free to set up Strava Clubs? 

A Strava Club gives the race organiser an opportunity to build a community of athletes, post messages, share content and get feedback from their customers for no cost and it's easy to set up too? 

Multisport Research’s report reveals that Strava club members are engaged endurance athletes with a goal in mind and they represent a highly targeted audience and 32% of active Strava athletes belong to at least one club.

And unlike traditional social media, where you will typically pay to boost the reach of your posts, post interaction on Strava clubs is organic and engagement rates are higher.  A post on a Strava club is not perceived as an interrupting ad but a source of inspiration and that’s probably why they have greater longevity than those on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter in particular

Post-interaction shows the average amount of interactions – reactions (e.g. likes, etc.), comments and shares – per member, per post.

MultiSport Research found that posts on Strava clubs had greater interaction than that generated via traditional social platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter."

Get Started

It’s quick and easy to sign up as a Strava club admin, create a branded Strava profile with the name and logo of your organisation and start publishing posts; from asking a question, to generating comments and including photos and don’t forget anytime your organisation is publishing original content or sharing relevant articles, they can be shared with your Strava club too.

Building Your Strava Club Following

You can get off to a good start by sharing your Strava Club Link with your contact database using Eventrac’s integrated email marketing service to send a custom invitation and thereafter make sure you include a permanent link in your email footer, like you would for your other social media networks. 

Also post a link to your social media networks to build your Strava club following.

You can also share your Club's recent activity on a website or blog by using the Strava Widget. Strava has excellent support pages that will guide you through that process.

Below are some examples of the biggest and best Strava Clubs to look at.

The top 9 largest brand clubs on Strava are: Lululemon, Global Cycling Network, Le Col, Zwift, Rapha, New Balance, Oakley, Red Bull, Ironman.