Want More Entries? Try Facebook Events It's FREE and EASY

Did you know that 35 million people view a Facebook Event on Facebook every day?

Did you know:

  • 35 million people view a Facebook Event on Facebook every day?

  • 700 million people use Facebook Events each month to market their event?

Those stats make it easy to see why we consider Facebook Events an essential marketing tool for sports event organisers and why we strongly recommend that you use it to reach your audience and sell tickets too.

Explainer - What's A Facebook Event Page

In simple terms a Facebook Event is a dedicated landing page to an event that shows up in users’ news feeds and in Facebook’s local events calendar where:

  • Guests can find out more
  • Interact with other users
  • Register interest
  • Purchase entry tickets when an eventrac entry page is connected to a Facebook Event 

What Makes A Successful Facebook Event Page

Simply put, just creating a Facebook Event won’t guarantee you a sell out, but If you want to make your next event a success, here's some essential Facebook Event tips you should follow.

Use A Catchy Event Name

Your Facebook Event name will make or break your audience’s interest, be creative, try some wordplay or choose a catchy title, but the title should also reflect what your event is all about.

For example, if you’re holding a Marathon don’t just title it “Marathon Event.” Give it a fun and more specific title like “Run The Thames Meander Marathon, A UK Top Ten Race.” 

 Note your event name is limited to 100 characters.

 Use A Stunning Image

Just like your event name, your event image plays an important role in earning clicks. Create an eye-catching design that gives users insight into what your Facebook event is all about.

With most online graphic design software, you can create an event image within minutes. Just start with a Facebook Event template, change the background colour or photo and event text to make it your own.

Feature An Exciting Description

Here's where you need to let viewers know exactly what they can expect from your event, highlighting the most exciting details at the top of your description.

Why not copy and paste the best points from the website. Make sure you answer the big questions and offer basic info about the sport, distances, cost, age restrictions, how to get tickets, who to contact for more information.

Include A Link To Sell Tickets

Let people know where they can get tickets for your event.

If you’re an eventrac user you can connect your entry pages to a Facebook Event to sell tickets!

Boost Interest With Co-Hosts

One big advantage of creating a Facebook Events page is the ability to add other brands—for example, your venue, suppliers, sponsors, charity partners, or event influencers as co-hosts.

Co-Hosts quickly get you more eyes on your Facebook Event page and your event also gains a credibility boost if your co-hosts are respected by your audience.

When a co-host accepts your invitation, your event will instantly show up in their event calendar so their audience can discover your event..  Keep in mind that all co-hosts do gain admin control over the event, so only invite individuals and organisations you know and trust.

Share Your Event On Facebook

Once your Facebook Event is published, share it on your Facebook business page. Create a post with a direct link to the event with an interesting caption, don’t forget a call to action that encourages your followers to learn more, share or enter!

Invite Your Facebook Friends

With all the content that’s being uploaded to Facebook each day, some of your followers are going to miss your Facebook Event posts. So ensure your Facebook friends get the message by inviting them to the event through your personal Facebook account. This will send them a direct notification about the event.

BTW. You can send an event invitation to up to 500 people per event, so there’s no shortage of Facebook users you can share your event with.

Post Reminders To Maintain Interest

In the days or weeks leading up to the event, post fun reminders directly on your Facebook event page. Ask guests already on your list to comment about what they’re most excited about or to tag a friend who they think would love to join in the fun. Everyone on your guest list will get a notification each time you post, so they are easily able to re-engage with your event.

Run a Facebook Event Ad

You can actually create ads specifically to promote your Facebook event pages, with “Event Responses” as a goal.

 As you’re creating an event ad, you’ll be able to choose the exact audience you want to see your posts to generate as much real interest as possible.

Get A Facebook Events Entry Boost Now

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