Nurture your existing customers, they are your future profits

Are you nurturing your existing customers to keep them entering your events?

Are you nurturing your existing customers to keep them entering your events?

We all celebrate a new race sign-up but know that's just the start of what should be a long relationship and there’s some nurturing needed to turn our one-time racers into highly profitable long term customers and loyal ambassadors.

Nurture your customers because

The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 to 70%.

The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5 to 20%.

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Here's some nurturing essentials

Nurturing basically requires you to create and send personalised email messages featuring relevant content that’s not always centred on selling but keeps your existing customer base engaged and interested so when they’re ready to race, your brand and or event will be first on their list.

The key is to create and send content that is fun to read and ultimately shareable by the reader.

Try to come up with fresh content and new ideas. Sending the same messages repeatedly will undermine your efforts.

  • Send congratulations and celebrate occasions
  • Use promo codes in messages to encourage entries
  • Reward loyal referrals with gift cards or discount codes
  • Relate your mails to fresh news items

Share your story, get personal, let your customers know who they are buying from, introduce the team, talk about the venue
Write about past competitors and unusual incidents from previous editions.

It’s acknowledged that customers are more likely to buy from businesses that have an interesting story.

Of course don’t forget that the transactional emails that occur along the customer journey are nurturing opportunities too

  • Welcome
  • Cross-sell         
  • Upsell
  • Referral
  • Re-engagement 
  • Review and feedback

Start nurturing your customers

Use eventrac’s inbuilt email marketing tools to try out your own nurturing campaign. Quickly set up your own unique tracking URL’s to monitor your open and click through rates to find out who loves you. 

For most event organisers eventrac’s integrated email marketing service is the perfect tool for the job but for those organisations with complex email requirements like automated workflows eventrac seamlessly integrates with specialised email marketing services like MailChimp, SendinBlue, ConstantContact, Mailerlite, Drip and more.

Let's talk more about nurturing

Schedule a chat with us or a demo to find out more about how eventrac’s integrated email service and email marketing tools can help you run your own nurturing campaign.