Promote refund protection benefits to boost consumer confidence and entries

Confidence boosting refund protection is a win-win for you and your customers.

It has been and will continue to be tough trading for event organisers. consumer confidence is low and entries are down and last minute. 

But just consider for the post-covid cost-of-living squeezed consumer buying a non-refundable entry to any event is a big risk, made worse now that some events have been postponed due to low numbers.

A way to revive consumer confidence

Lets get started by boldly promoting refund protection benefits to prospective participants, so they know they can confidently enter an event and they won’t be left out of pocket if the worst happens to them.

Promote refund protection as an essential product feature on your website, in social media posts and in your marketing emails. Be upfront with the confidence boosting benefits refund protection offers anxious consumers.  

Refund protection is a win-win for you and your customers.

Offering refund protection will make you money.  You keep any revenue gained from registrations that are later cancelled and you can then resell those cancelled entry slots.  Refund protection is a win-win for you and your customers and you will even generate additional revenue from each refund protection sale.

Promote refund protection benefits to stand out from your competitors

So now’s the time to stand out from your competitors by boldly displaying clear attractive refund protection benefits on your website, on your social media and in your email marketing to create a sense of security for your potential participants which in turn will increase your entries. 

“It is important for customer service now to be better than ever. We’re more sensitive.”

An Accenture study revealed that during times of disruption 72% of consumers expect companies they’re doing business with to understand how their needs and objectives change.

A Narvar Survey found that 49% of customers actively check Return Policies before buying anything. Not only that, but research tells us that customers who receive a refund are more likely to come back.

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