Boost your entries by 30% by selling team tickets

Did you know that 30% of entrants joined a team when that option was offered?

Bet you didn’t know that from January to July this year 30% of entrants in the US joined a team or group when that option was available to them.  

In 2021 the average size of each social team had grown to 6.8 participants per team .

Imagine if you allowed entrants to create a team and sold 7 tickets at a time, to fill 30% of your event, how good would that feel?

The data shows that the simple act of offering a range of social team or group entry tickets can both boost registrations and make your event day more fun and engaging.  

Now could be a good time to set up your social team tickets for next years events and plan your marketing to social, corporate groups or teams to boost your entries and profits.

Social Teams Or Groups Make Racing More Fun

For many, participation is primarily a social thing – most people just don’t want to participate on their own. So it makes sense to offer a range of social team/group tickets and use incentives like discounts or other rewards to promote your social team/group tickets. 

The most effective way to sell social team tickets is to encourage your loyal participants to create a team and recruit their friends and family or colleagues, customers and suppliers to participate “together”.  

Team Tickets Make Great Value Experiences   

For social or corporate group/teams the experience is much bigger.  You can suggest that the fun starts long before race day with:

  • Pre-race training, preparation and get-togethers as a group 

  • Matching kit or costumes

  • Race day photo sharing and social media interactions

  • Post race celebrations as a group

Super Power Team Marketing Incentives

Team and group marketing incentives are incredibly effective

We recommend setting up a tiered price reduction £’s or % based on the number of members in a team.  In eventrac you set up the minimum team size and price reductions

For example 

  • 3 member team receives a 20% discount

  • 4 member team receives a 25% discount

  • 5 member team receives a 30% discount

eventrac allows one person to purchase a batch of tickets. Then each team has their own dashboard to invite individual team members to enter their own details later 

Power up your teams offers with additional incentives

  • Offer custom Team bibs

  • Give-away sponsor’s goodies for teams over X members

  • Offer Team prizes for; Largest Team, Fastest Team, Best Costumes Contest

  • Provide Team Top Treats - A team area or team tent for top teams

How to Sell Team Tickets 

  • Define your team offer and clearly describe the incentives on your race website

  • Use eventrac’s email marketing service to send your contacts a personalised message promoting your team incentives

  • Include your team incentives in social media posts

  • Don’t forget to use eventrac’s automatic tracking links to measure your success

Reward Your Most Loyal Team Captains To Prolong Profits

Now you can build a profitable long term relationship with team leaders, clearly they are influencers with the potential to be a great source of repeat business. 

eventrac enables you to easily recognise and reward your most effective group leaders by offering them a gift card or simply crediting their profile with £’s as a thank you.

No Additional Overhead When You Sell Team Tickets

eventrac allows one person to purchase a batch of tickets ahead of them using their own team dashboard to invite individual team members to enter their own details later

Race organisers using eventrac can enable social and corporate groups/teams to self-manage their own team members thereby reducing the number of support calls.

Furthermore, individual participants can make entry changes. Each participant has their own unique profile, making it easy for them to login securely to edit their details, self-cancel, defer, transfer or send their entry to another.

Want to talk about using team tickets to boost next year’s entries and profits?

Now is an excellent time to set up next year's team ticket options and incentives so schedule a chat with us or a demo to find out more about how eventrac’s team entries, automated marketing tools and integrated email service can help boost your entries and profits.

The data used for this report includes internal RunSignup data from January through July of 2022