An Easy Opportunity To Increase Your Entries And Average Order Value Too

Offer Split Payments To Increase Your Entries & Average Order Value Too

Did you know that ecommerce merchants offering split payment plans have seen conversions increase by 44% and average order values by 68%?

Eventrac and Klarna

You can now enable Klarna's interest-free 3 equal instalments to be automatically available at checkout.  Your customers have the opportunity to purchase race tickets and all of the merchandise they love too, without blowing their budget. 

The biggest sports brands

The biggest sports brands let their shoppers pay in 3 equal interest-free instalments with Klarna:

  • 2XU
  • Wattbike
  • Gymshark
  • Nike
  • Giant
  • And many more ….

Klarna consumers are your consumers

Klarna’s average customer is 33 years old in the UK and their fastest-growing age group is between 41-56.

No risk - Just rewards

Here’s why adding an interest-free 3 payment instalment plan to your checkout just might be the best business decision you make this year.

Zero-fraud liability

Klarna has your back. If it turns out a customer isn’t who they say they are, they take the cost.

Upfront payment

You always get paid upfront and in full with any Klarna payment option.

Seller protection

Klarna assumes credit and fraud risk, so you can focus on running a successful business.

How Klarna works with eventrac.

  1. Once you enable Klarna, customers will now be given the option to spread the cost of their purchases in 3 equal interest-free instalments direct from an eventrac checkout
  2. The first payment is made at point of purchase, with remaining instalments scheduled automatically every 30 days.
  3. Once the order is processed, Klarna pays you upfront and in full. They'll take care of collecting the payments from the customer.
  4. Post-purchase your customer gets a clear overview of their purchases in the Klarna app and can easily manage their account.

Let's talk about boosting your biz with Klarna 

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