Making Your Events Affordable Could Increase Your Entries and Sales Too

Make events affordable with your own “Enter Now - Pay Later” Interest-free payment plans without any extra organiser fees

It has been and will continue to be tough times for event organisers. Consumers are cash strapped, confidence is low and entries are down and last minute too.

Now you can boost your business and help out cash-strapped consumers with your own affordable “Enter Now - Pay Later” interest-free monthly payment plans without any additional cost to you.

Your own brand affordable payment plans give your customers the opportunity to purchase race tickets and all of the merchandise they love, without blowing their budget.

Offering “Enter Now - Pay Later” payment plans will help boost your entry numbers and increase transaction values along with providing a steady subscription style income collected automatically each month.

You decide the length of the payment plans you want to offer. 

Early Bird entrants for example could make one up front payment followed by ten equal monthly instalments.  

For later registrations, entering closer to event day eventrac automatically reduces the number of monthly instalments on offer and increases the monthly payment to ensure the plan is paid in full before the event.

At setup you choose what items you want to include in your payment plan.

At the point of purchase eventrac will automatically split the transaction into equal monthly instalments and calculate a one-off up front payment to cover any excluded items that must be paid payment upfront.

Best of all, eventrac will identify failed payments and automatically send personalised reminder emails on your behalf.

How your "Enter Now - Pay Later" plan works

  1. Once you enable Enter Now - Pay Later, customers will be given the option to spread the cost of their purchases in equal interest-free instalments
  2. The first payment is made at point of purchase and includes the first instalment + any items you want to be paid for upfront, with remaining instalments scheduled automatically every month
  3. Once the order is processed, payments will be collected from the customer until the balance is paid
  4. Post-purchase your customer gets a clear overview of their instalments in their secure user profile and they can easily manage their account updating any payment methods as and when needed
  5. Your eventrac dashboard provides you with instant visibility of your payment plan users and their payment record
  6. Best of all, eventrac will identify failed payments and automatically send personalised reminder emails on your behalf

Let's talk about boosting your biz with "Enter Now - Pay Later" Payment Plans

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