Need A New Year Entries Boom? Here Are 4 Tips To Make That Happen

Now is the right time to start thinking about designing and promoting your New Year’s Resolutionists offer

Now is the right time to start thinking about designing and promoting your New Year’s Resolutionists offer, creating and scheduling some personalised email marketing messages, and preparing your social media posts too.

4 Tips To Boost Your New Year Entries

1. Promote your easier events to newbies or returners. 
Goals that are too big or take too long rarely succeed. Parkrun’s success suggests that there's a huge audience for starter events regardless of the sport type.

2. Create the opportunity for accountability. 
Giving up on a New Year resolution can be easy but you can help the self-doubter stick at it by creating accountability. Raising funds for a cause close to the heart is a compelling incentive for anyone to keep going. eventrac makes it easy for you to help them commit to raising funds for a charity.

3. Encourage achievement.
Program your email messaging to send your participants a personalised message. How are they doing? Encourage your newbies to celebrate and share their training achievements with you and others on your event’s social media pages.

4. Reward running with friends
The most effective way to help your “New Year Resolutionists” to achieve their goal is to encourage them to participate with friends.

  • Consider offering a double-sided referral to get friends to sign up,  that's offering an incentive to both parties for their action, the referrer to tell and the friend to buy.
  • Another great way to encourage friends to sign up together is by offering team and group tickets with automatic tiered price reductions £’s or % based on the number of friends that join in.

Free Email Marketing Service

eventrac’s free inbuilt email marketing service has a variety of customisable email templates you can use. They make it simple to create, edit, schedule, and or send a personalised message with a great New Year offer in just a few clicks.

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