3 Valentine’s Day Business Boosting Tips

This month Valentine’s Day is the biggest celebration, help your customers celebrate the day and boost your biz too

This month for most of your customers, Valentine’s Day is the biggest celebration, so here are some things you can do to help your existing customers celebrate their love and introduce some special friends to your races too.

3 Valentine’s Day Business Boosting Tips To Follow


1. Personalise your messages.

Email marketing is a fantastic value-for-money way to communicate directly with your existing customers you can send a personalised Valentine’s Day marketing message which will be ready and waiting for them in their inbox and they can read it when it suits them. 


2. Promote Your Digital Gift Cards

Offer your existing customers the opportunity to send special friends a digital gift card on Valentine's Day.  

Bonus - People who buy digital gift cards are much more likely to spend more money than they would on an actual gift as they’ll tend to round up their spending.


3. Promote A Valentine’s Day Couples Deal

Offer a discount, money, or percentage to encourage a couple to participate together. 

One person purchases two tickets discounted by say 10% each. You can limit the number of tickets you sell this way to promote scarcity and use the fear of missing out to encourage early sign-up.


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eventrac’s free inbuilt email marketing service has a library of email templates you can use. They make it simple to create, edit, schedule, or send a personalised message with a great Valentine’s Day offer in just a few clicks.

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