Stop Sharing Your Audience With Rival Events

To discourage competitors it's best to capture interest early on.

To ensure a successful race next year, it's always best to secure and promote the date early on.

This will discourage your rivals from hosting a similar event in the same location, allowing you to avoid competition for participants.

Being proactive can save you from sharing the same pool of participants with rival organisers.

But we all know that securing a date for the following year may not always be possible as soon as you need due to circumstances beyond your control.

So here is a simple solution to try out that delivers entrants

If you are not able to open entries you could add eventrac's "register interest" button to your website.

This automated feature will capture a list of potential participants that you can easily convert into actual entries.

Then when you're ready to start accepting entries, you can use the FREE email marketing feature within eventrac to easily send out personalised messages with an early bird offer to encourage prompt signup and create a buzz about your event too.

Learn about how eventrac's early bird and tiered pricing options can boost the number of people attending your event.

If you want to find more entries, increase sales, lower your costs and save time you can schedule a fact-finding chat with us or jump into a full demo.