How Major Sporting Events Can Boost Your Entries

For two days after the London Marathon we had a 225% spike in entries. Get onboard!

Following the London Marathon, eventrac organisers saw a massive spike in participant entries. 

For the subsequent two days, the number of entries exceeded the daily average by 225%. 

Furthermore, ticket sales for the week after the event were on average 150% higher than in previous weeks.

Here Is How To Use Major Sporting Events To Boost Your Entries

Event organisers should view these major events as an opportunity to increase entries and boost their own brand's visibility.  

Just think, more than half a million people applied for a place in the 2024 London Marathon which is a sign that at least this many runners are stating their intention to enter an event in 2024.

The successful ones will need to enter events as part of their build-up and the not-so-lucky will be looking for an alternative challenge.

Read our tips and tricks to help you make the most of that buzz surrounding a major sports event that could lead to an increase in bookings to your events.

1. Be Creative

Use your imagination to find a creative way to link your event and limited-time offer to a major sporting event. 

Consider offering your existing customers a powerful double-sided referral marketing incentive to help you win new customers too.

Note: PayPal grew 1650% using referral marketing.

Offer a limited-time discount, money, or percentage off to encourage prompt sign-up.

2. Email Your Audience

Promote your event and that limited-time offer by sending well-timed, personalised emails to your existing customers.  Schedule sends to target your messages at key times and maximise your email engagements.

Keep your messaging clear and provide a strong call to action, such as offering a limited-time discount, money, or percentage off to encourage prompt sign-ups.

eventrac’s FREE Email marketing feature is an unbeatable value-for-money way to communicate directly with your existing customers.

3. Turn To Social

83% of sports fans check social media while watching sports on TV

You can reach this large audience by posting your limited-time offer with tags referencing the major sporting event. This will increase your chances of your post being seen by your target audience.

Get Started Now

With numerous sporting events this year still yet to happen, it is time to start planning how to piggyback the huge interest in these major televised sporting events.

6- 28 May:Cycling - Giro d'Italia

30 June - 9 July: Cycling - The Giro D'italia Donne

1-23 July: Cycling - Tour de France

23-30 July: Cycling - Tour de France Femmes

3-13 August: Cycling - UCI World Championships, Glasgow

26 August -17 September: Cycling - La Vuelta, Spain

10 September: Running - The Great North Run

15 October: Running - The Great South Run

Here are a couple of links to lists of major televised endurance sports events for 2023

BBC 2023 sporting calendar

Sports Tourism Media Calendar

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