Turn Your Post Race Mails Into Sales

Did you know that the probability of selling to an existing customer is as high as 70% and for a new prospect as low as 5-20%?

The high probability of selling to an existing customer is why we encourage event organisers to try a simple post race email marketing campaign that will reward their customers loyalty and simultaneously secure entries for the next time around or for an upcoming event.

So we’ve listed a few post race nurturing email marketing message ideas and identified some automated online selling tools that you can combine to turn your one or two time racers into loyal long term customers and enthusiastic paid referrers too.

A post race email marketing campaign

A post race email marketing drip campaign could include the following messages:

  • Thank you for racing with us
  • Here’s your race results
  • How did we do? Please review us and give some feedback
  • Take a look at your race photos
  • Some upcoming events you’ll want to see

The most effective email marketing messages are personalised and feature content that’s relevant and resonates with the recipient.

This means "be real", for example in your "Thank You" email message perhaps you could refer to the actual conditions on race day or the never ending hill that nobody will ever forget!

Now create nurturing messages that sell

Every marketing message in your post race campaign is a timely opportunity to use your creativity to introduce a compelling sales offer to your existing customers that recognises and rewards their loyalty and drives a repeat purchase.

Try a referral marketing offer to reward loyalty and win entries

It’s natural for a happy customer to share their enthusiasm for an event that they feel their friends and family will be interested in.

Use an automated referral marketing tool to reward your participants, eventrac enables you to deposit £’s credit into a referrers’ secure account profile with your brand when they refer their friends. 

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Include a hard to refuse Early Bird offer

Early bird discounts can be incredibly effective. They encourage early signup and create buzz about an event.

Automated pricing increases and limited time discount codes combined with personalised email marketing messages will boost entries.

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Get early sign-ups by rewarding existing customer loyalty with gift cards and or promo codes

Use gift cards or promo codes to reward specific loyal participants, you'll get them to sign-up early to race again with you at a lower price, generate revenue and boost their loyalty too

See more about gift cards and promo codes

Use tracking links to measure your success

If you’ve been persuaded by any of the above please don’t forget to use tracking links to identify which specific email marketing messages and online sales tools generate the highest entries, so you can make sure you invest your effort where it’s most effective.

The Review and Feedback message

eventrac users have a choice to use a free review and feedback feature that automates sending a post-race review request to every participant or if they’ve a RaceCheck account they can automatically send email requests and manage their RaceCheck reviews within eventrac.

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Check out our RaceCheck integration

Now start nurturing your customers

eventrac’s marketing automation makes managing leads and customers easier, our marketing tools talk with our integrated email to let you create and send professional email marketing messages and there's no need to create and export lists to an expensive third party email service like MailChimp nor get to grips with yet another software program.

However if you’ve complex email requirements like automated workflows eventrac seamlessly integrates with the leading specialist email marketing services.

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Let's talk more about getting your post race nurturing campaign started

Why not schedule a chat with us or a demo to find out more about how eventrac’s automated online selling tools, integrated email service and email marketing tools can help you run your own post race nurturing campaign?