54% of runners want to de-risk their entry! Are you doing that for them?

“54% of your target audience want better cost/financials/entry terms and conditions - i.e. less financial risk to enter a race.”

“54% of your target audience want better cost/financials/entry terms and conditions - i.e. less financial risk to enter a race.”

That standout snippet is exactly why we recommend race organisers spend a few minutes this weekend taking in Sussex Sport Photography’s excellent 2022 Participant Survey. 

Read Sussex Sport Photography’s 2022 Participant Survey. 

Sussex Photography's Ant Bliss offers an easy read that combines clear charts and analysis with insights and practical recommendations from someone who has provided sport photography services to over 2,000 events since 2004.

In summary it provides race organisers with an invaluable insight into the post lockdown behaviour of runners and identifies a few simple fixes to current issues.

And if you’ve been wondering where the runners have gone 

“A staggering 50% of you have had covid, and of that 14% of the entire survey population (or 28% of those who have had covid) - have not recovered.” 

One stand out paragraph for race organisers that is easily fixed suggests that prospects want to

“..enter knowing that their entry fee won't go to waste - they can sell, swap, pass on, encourage, and support the races going ahead and it's completely up to them how to do that. A friend might be able to give them the money for it, or a club might be able to share the entry and someone else on the day will pick it up.”

So Here’s How You Can Enable “Sell, Swap or Pass On”

Race organisers using eventrac already delight their participants and benefit from a reduced workload  by enabling individual or team entrants to self manage their entry; edit their details, transfer, defer, cancel and ultimately self refund.

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Begin Boosting Consumer Confidence

For the post-covid cost-of-living squeezed consumer buying a non-refundable entry is a big risk so eventrac enables race organisers to offer refund protection to prospective participants so they can confidently enter an event and know they won’t be left out of pocket if the worst happens to them.

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Do you need to make some fixes?

Now is an excellent time to make positive changes to the way you’ll do things next year.  Why not schedule a chat with us or a demo to find out more about eventrac's self management tools for individuals and team entries.

The data used for this report includes data from Sussex Sport Photography’s 2022 Participant Survey